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DUCATI in World Superbike Rider Championships
Ducati currently campaigns their 999F07 in the series, which is a homologated racing version of the 999R. For the 2008 season, Ducati will race a homologated version of their current 1098. The reason for this is that currently, the FIM, the sanctioning body for the Superbike World Championship, limits the maximum displacement for a 2 cylinder motor (which is the type of engine Ducati uses in their 999 and 1098 bikes) to 1,000 cc. For 2008, the FIM has raised the displacement limit for a 2 cylinder motor to 1,200cc.[13]
The company has enjoyed twelve Superbike World Championships since the series' inception in 1988.
Ducati has also won thirteen WSBK Manufacturer Championships for years 1991-1996, 1998, 1999, 2001-2004, and 2006

Collezione presents parts Catalog

マリオサッシの誇る70年代ドカティ の オールドレーシングスペアパーツをはじめ、 こだわりのパーツが コレ一冊で手に入ります。 またCDカタログには プライスを掲載していますので、 リアルタイムにコレッツオーネの ストックを確認できます。


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